Managing Kings Speakers

paul mitchell

Kings Speakers is not only about making speeches it is also about managing a business.

I wonder whether Ralph Smedley (The Toastmasters founder) ever imagined what a success Toastmasters would be? There are now thousands of clubs around the world. Aside from being a platform to make speeches from it also houses an ever-changing organisation comprising a structure of several layers - District, Division, Area and then Club. All have management opportunities. 

At club level, we have Kings Speakers which is managed by our committee. Being a part of the committee provides a springboard to practice your managerial skills. You see familiar situations and scenarios unfolding in front of your eyes. You learn new strategies and how to deal with some difficult situations.

The committee has a president, an existing member department, a new member department, a marketing department, a Secretary, a logistics department and a Treasurer. It mimics a commercial organisation in every way. Unfortunately, the pay is lousy (there isn’t any) but your financial rewards come when you take your new skills into the outside world. 

The committee extends to every one of our members. When you speak to a guest, you are an ambassador for Kings. Guests walk through the door uncertain of what is going to happen to them. What you say will sway their decision as to whether they should become a member. Helping members is what we are all about. The more we have, the greater our success. Remember we can all have a hand in shaping the future of our club. 

In terms of management, there is more. When you have finished your time on the committee you can expand even further by becoming an Area, Division and then District officer. All bring new challenges and experiences.

I have learnt so much. It is a privilege and an honour to be President of such a great club.


Paul Mitchell, President